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No Fear
This Year

Build With Courage

We partner with bipoc, queer, women, immigrant, rural, veteran, justice-involved, or low-income idea stage innovators to build high-growth digital products.

We’re on
your side.

Our funding enables our in-house startup teams to empower founders without access to idea-stage capital.Think of us as a supercharged friends-and-family investor.

Here’s how it works…


Express Interest


Join a Cohort


Refine Your Idea


Create a Brand


Build A Digital Product


Earn Customer Revenue


Access Seed Capital

Our next cohort starts Q4 2022.

it’s a problem.

We believe that systemic inequality is deeply coupled to a yawning wealth gap rooted in our nation’s troubled history of discrimination.

We also believe that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in closing that wealth gap as a non-zero-sum way of generating new wealth for marginalized communities.

To that end, our program is designed to amplify the extraordinary value that already exists in misrepresented and under-represented innovators.

It’s not just us.

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